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My eight month old is still waking up three to four times a night, and the only way I can settle him is nursing him to sleep. I'm going to start weaning him off breastfeeding as I'm going back to work. What other techniques can I use?

Also how do I get him to sleep better? Anything welcomed.

I stopped my exclusively-breastfed baby from weaning at night when she was around six months old as wanted to move her onto formula as I was also returning to work.

It won’t happen overnight. I would feed her until around 10pm and take her to bed with me, then pat her to sleep. Whenever she woke up I would just pat her back to sleep. This continued for several nights until she started self-soothing.

You will have to be very patient and not give in. It’s easier if someone else can do this for you. My other half works nights so wasn’t able to help out. I placed a blanket over my chest so she couldn’t smell milk as much.

Mum of 1