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Pregnant mum

Hi, I've been trying for hours to get my little girl to sleep. It's been a stressful night. She's tired but just not going to sleep. I know baby get overtired, I just want to help her. She's been on the boob a lot - feeding for over an hour. My little girl is six weeks old for context.

Don’t know if I can be much help, but I know those nights.

As well as feeding have you tried some skin-to-skin? I found one particularly bad night with my son, once I tried a bit of skin-to-skin cuddling that seemed to calm him enough to be able to them rock him to sleep.

We have also found singing to both of our children can help settle from crying and sometimes then drift off to sleep too.

If you don’t have one already I would also recommend a sleep aid that plays white noise sounds/lullabies with a cry sensor that will start playing again when it picks up sound of potential crying. In the meantime, you can try white noise on YouTube near baby.

Hope you are both able to get some sleep!

Mum of 2