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I seem to be struggling a little with my anxiety lately. It seems to be health-related anxiety. Since having my second baby five months ago, I’ve worried more about health. It’s got to a point where I sometimes struggle to get to sleep because I’m worried that I won’t wake up the next morning and my children won’t have their mum anymore. I know it’s silly because I’m currently in good health so shouldn’t have anything to worry about. But I just have a constant worry that I’m going to die. Any little pain or feeling in my body at any point, I think is going to make me die. I don’t know how normal this is!

Thanks for your message. It can be terrifying to think of what might happen to your kids if you weren't there and I would say it’s normal to have a rare worry about this. But constant worry about this - especially since you are in good health - is not as normal and seems a bit concerning since it is interfering with your day and sleep.

Some ways to curb the worry may be to have a:

1. Worry Window - a time of the day when you will let your self worry and save your worries for that time.

2. Tell the anxious thought or worry that you don’t have time for it at the moment and then do something else (and try not to engage with the worry thought).

3. Focus on your breath to get you back to the present. If you have a breathing app that could be helpful as well.

Often with constant worry talking to a trained professional can help to develop a host of techniques to manage the worry but also see where the worry is really coming from.

Hopefully that helps a bit and let me know how things go with those techniques. There are others that can be helpful too.

Jodi, Tinto Expert