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I have been co-sleeping with my six month old daughter since she was around one month. I’ve just recently moved into a new home and she has her own room I’m now decorating. Soon I would love for her to go into her own room. How do I go about that? She’s very attached to me and cries whenever I try and put her to sleep in her own bed.

I would encourage her to spend a little more time alone day to day, playing independently. Perhaps leave the room for a short while and come back to show her that you’re still there even if she can’t see you!

Do you have a next-to-me crib? Maybe you could first try her in that, or put her cot up in your room and encourage her to sleep in there by herself. Once she’s used to that, you could try shifting her into her new bedroom but with some of the things she’s used to seeing in your room. So maybe start introducing some toys/teddies/pictures on the wall now, anything that she can see from her cot when she moves into her new room that will make the room feel familiar.

Good luck and congrats on the new home!