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I have a four week old who over the last few days seems to have what’s called the witching hour. Has anyone experienced this? What helps settle them? I feel like I’ve tried everything but nothing helps.

Nothing helps! You just have to persevere. It peaks at eight weeks and just gradually lessens.

My wee boy is 14 weeks now and it still happens but a lot less than at the start. It does get less stressful as you learn that there’s nothing wrong with your baby, they’re just crying.

Mum of 1

Firstly, as empty as this may sound, it does and will end, try and take a little comfort from that.

In practical terms: swaddling, baby wearing, music, and the hair dryer(!) are all things that helped for us.

You’re not alone!

My daughter had the same...Every night around 10/11pm she would scream and cry, I believe she also had colic.

When I spoke to my health visitor about it she advised I just did something different around the time, maybe go for a walk or rock them and play white noise.

I’m not sure what you have tried but sometimes it just goes away on it’s own.