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My little girl is three and she turns four in August. She’s having some difficulty with her speech and her nursery thinks she should not go to school until next year. Has anyone else been in this situation?

Hi! So, I have not had experience with my own children. However, I used to teach reception and my friend is also going through a similar thing with her son being an August baby and difficulty with speech.

Your little one will be young for the year. However, all children will go into reception with different abilities in different areas. Some will need help with getting dressed, some will know all letters, some won’t know any. Some children will need some support with speech and language, some will need support with social and emotional development. The reception teachers are there to support all these different abilities.

So, you can defer a year if you feel your child will benefit from another year at home being a summer baby and having some difficulty with speech. However, what I would do, is check before you make any of those decisions. Check if the school you would like your daughter to go to would accept her the following year into reception or year 1. Some schools like to keep them in their year group. All schools are different. This might impact your decision on deferring a year as reception class is such an important stepping stone in building all foundations of learning. I hope that makes sense.

I really would say the most important thing going into a reception class is... can your child separate from you ok? Obviously there will be wobbles but has your child had experience of time away from mummy.

Also, can your child ask for help if needed? So, if they're playing a game and needs help, or they're putting shoes on or in the loo etc.

Can your child say when they are upset/hurt/need a wee? Helping your child to communicate her needs are things to work on before starting reception and still plenty of time to do so. Practise saying, 'help please'.

I hope this helps a little. I know it is such an anxious time for us mummies and we want to know our little ones will be supported and understood. I would have another chat with your nursery and your school of choice. See what your reception teacher thinks and what support there is in place to help and if the option is there to go into reception the following year. Either way, whatever you decide will be the right decision for you and your little girl. Just keep chatting it over with people who know her well.

Here if you need to chat!

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