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I wanted to ask for some help and advice with how to cope better with stress and anxiety. My baby is nine months and he is my third baby but this time round I'm finding it quite a challenge.

He hates being in his push chair and also hates travelling in the car. He screams and gets so upset that he has made himself vomit, and another time forced himself to poop. It gives me anxiety. I need to take him out more to get used to travelling but it's just so hard...

That sounds really stressful. Having your little one protest to such extremes must feel terrible. It sounds like you want to take steps to get him used to travelling but the thought of him hating it is too much.

I’m wondering if introducing him to the push chair regularly (i.e. every morning) for a minute or two when a friend or family member is around to support you would be helpful. Sometimes having someone with you can decrease the stress.

Jodi, Tinto Expert