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How can I settle my baby without feeding her? She just cries and refuses to let me burp her even though she has wind and in discomfort. She just keeps arching her back for more.

Have you tried different burp positions?

I often do the baby over the shoulder and a firm rub and pat on the back. But if my daughter squirms here it's also nice to sit her on my lap, propping her up and rubbing her back but also rocking her back and forth a few times. This normally gets any air/spit up out if there’s some! And be assertive, they are little wrigglers but, like you say, they need burping so do persevere with it.

I often burp a few times during the feed too. When she naturally pauses, try to burp and then offer the same boob again after. Burp again and if looking for more then I offer the other boob. Normally does the trick of winding as much as possible!