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My baby is eight days old and he just won’t settle at times and we’ve been told him may have colic. Any tips to help at all?

Aww you’re not alone lovely. My little one was exactly the same. Have you tried switching up his bottles and milk (if he’s on formula)? That’s the first thing I’d recommend trying. We absolutely loved MAM bottles and I switched my little one to Cow & Gate Comfort Baby Milk Formula, which did seem to help him.

You can also get things like Infacol too, which work for some people and is fine from birth (double check though!). Baby massage also works wonders for some people and there are lots of brilliant videos on YouTube.

I know you can feel pretty helpless at times when they just won’t settle and you don’t know how to help them. But it’s sooo much more common than you think! I know more mummies that have had colicky babies than those who haven’t. Just know it’s a phase, it will pass, and all of your hard work will pay off soon. You’re doing amazingly!