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How do I move my baby onto different textures? My bub only likes everything blitzed and mushed. How do you get them to not just try but actually like finger foods?

I am scared of the gagging. If he bites onto a boiled carrot, for example, do I let him have that carrot piece in his mouth? I am always scared he will try to gulp it down without breaking it into pieces.

Hello, I would say exposure is the key! If you or others are at the table eating the same food, they will follow!

The other thing that can work is the expected taste. So if you mash a vegetable and then also give it to them in stick form, baby should eat what they already know as well as the same thing in a different format.

And something that's very important, don't be too hard on yourself! Babies take ages to eat proper finger food as it is a lot harder than the spoon. That's why exposure is so important.

Gagging is a bit inevitable I'm afraid! But remember the rule: red and loud, let them go ahead. But quiet and blue, they need help from you!

Personally, I would not start with carrots. Even over boiled carrots are still quite firm and that can give mama extra anxiety! I started with broccoli with my little one, but you could also use potato or even scrambled eggs and omelette tyres if you're not vegan!