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My little one is 19 months old and I’ve just found out I’m pregnant with another. I am over the moon, but a little worried about how my little boy will react. He is often taking me by the hand to play or climbing on me for a snuggle. I’m already worrying about how he will cope with me having to divide my time between him and his little brother or sister. Hoping for advice from someone who has experienced similar?

I have three kids! My daughter was 20 months when her brother came. It was challenging but she handled it very well! Your baby will be older so it will be easier. With my first two there was a three years gap, it makes a world of a difference!

Mum of 3
Pregnant mum of 3

Firstly, congratulations! A very exciting time but very normal to have these anxieties. I have three children now aged five, four and five months. I was very anxious about how I would manage to share myself between all three. Your little boy will love having a little sibling. It will take a little time to settle into a new rhythm and then it will become the norm.

There are ways you can prepare him now, that will help with babies arrival. So, you can get little books to explain about baby in mummy’s tummy, some special big brother books too. You could get a baby/special teddy for him to look after. He can play an active role with you in taking care of baby, helping pass wipes etc. Toddlers love to feel helpful.

While feeding, you can still snuggle with a book. I tried to make sure I always put my eldest to bed when I had number two. If you can, get husband to watch baby when you put your toddler to bed and enjoy that important snuggle time!