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I have a four week old who recently seems to have what’s called witching hour. Has anyone experienced this? What helps? I've tried everything but he just doesn’t settle for a couple of hours.

I remember this phase well, my little one was a nightmare! It’s hard when you’re in the middle of it but it will pass. Lots of cuddles worked for us and holding her whilst walking around in circles in my living room, quietly shushing and singing to her. Did this for what felt like hours on end!

Baby wearing also helped me and getting her outside at this time so going for walks (again baby wearing as she hated the pram at this age). Or if it was raining just standing at the back door so she could look outside. Baths also seemed to help relax her.

Make sure you look after yourself and take turns with a partner or friends/family if you can so you get a break. It’s so hard but it does pass.

Mum of 1