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How can I help put my baby down to sleep? I have tried white noise and swaddling, which she liked before she figured out she can sleep with her hands up.

Hey! So three weeks is so small there is nothing wrong with a contact nap.

With my little girl we used to swaddle until around three months. They have what is called the Moro reflex, which will cause her to startle and wake herself up so swaddling is really good for making them feel safe and secure. I would try and persist with the swaddle and see how she gets on.

Regarding white noise, have you tried a different type? I found our little girl really loved the sound of a hairdryer on loop, which really calmed her down.

Also, lining her Moses basket with something that smells of you can be really comforting. I used to stick a Muslin down my bra during the day and would line the mattress tightly with this. Also really focus on getting the Moses basket really cosy. A nice soft blanket on the bottom also can make it feel a lot more snuggly, just make sure there are no loose bits, ensure it’s all tucked into the mattress well.

We also used to hairdryer the basket to make sure it was nice and warm and less of a shock for her to be put down in there.

We used a dummy for a while too, but she naturally began to spit this out but for a while it was very calming for her.

At the moment I really wouldn’t worry about what worked one day and is not working the next. These first few weeks really are about survival and taking the rest while you can. Even if that means having a nap while your baby sleeps on your partners chest etc. One day it will click and she will go back to settling in her Moses basket. She has been in your tummy all this time, its just a bit of a shock to their system and they have to get used to being in the big world.

Just remember you are doing nothing wrong.

Mum of 1