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Mum of 2

I’m four months postpartum and suddenly feel really overwhelmed and sad. I have a four year old as well and it just feels like I can’t meet everyone’s needs. I don’t get any alone time and my body is always stressed out. We just moved house so my partner has been away a lot getting it ready but I don’t know if I’m PPD or just having a bad few weeks.

The baby is going through thr four month leap so just needs me all the time and won’t go to anyone else and is really fussy when we go out so it gives me constant anxiety. My partner doesn’t really understand how I need alone time to process my own thoughts and gets pissy if I don’t want to do something because I’ve had such a hard day with the kids/life.

I suppose I just want to see if this is normal and if other mums have experienced this. Thanks.

It's normal to feel overwhelmed especially when you go from having one child to two children. The lack of sleep can also affect your emotions. I believe that you have had a lot of changes happening for you with having a baby and also moving house which are both major and stressful life events.

Have you got any support around you from family or friends? Have you spoken to your doctor or health visitor? If you don't feel right in yourself please speak up. It's best to speak to a professional and get the right help you need. I can't diagnose PPD as I'm not a medical professional. Have you spoken to your partner about your feelings? Can the children be left with anyone for you to have some me time? Feel free to reach out to me. Please take care.