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Hey, any advice on taking my four month old son swimming?

Hey! So when we first took my babe swimming we went with her in normal clothes and changed her there. We took a couple of waterproof toys with us as well but she was too busy staring at everything else! We carried her but wish we had bought a float as it would have been easier and we could have gone deeper. When getting her changed I made sure to dry her as quick as I could as she got super cold super quick so I just put a vest and babygro on her for ease as well as a dressing gown and went pretty smooth! If you have any other questions feel free to ask me.


Hi, I took my three month old swimming recently. We got him a wetsuit as well as the special nappies to help keep him warm. Take the towel poolside to help avoid them getting unnecessarily cold. If they get upset, remember popping them out of the water will make them feel colder, so only do it if you want to get out.

Hope it goes well!