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I am currently breastfeeding but am considering doing a combination feed. Can anyone recommend a good formula and if you do/have done combi feeding, did you do it during the day or evening?

We started combi feeding quite early, because a) my partner could help with feeding b) baby feels fuller than when he was only on breast and c) it feels so much easier.

I’m so glad we did, we found a very good routine that worked so well with all of us.

I breastpump first thing in the morning (around 8ish, baby loves sleeping). When baby wakes he gets yesterday’s expressed milk in a bottle, I breastfeed during day and may top up with some formula if it seems like baby wants more. At around 8pm we start giving formula only and around 10pm I express for the last time before I go bed.

We’ve used cow and gate and are very happy with it, although we don’t have any experience with any other brands.

Mum of 1

I think it's a case of trail and error. My baby combi feeds on breast and any premade formula we've given her. I've heard some people say it's more to do with the bottle teat than the formula.