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Our three month old is going through real screaming fits at the moment before sleep. The only thing that seems to soothe him is sucking mine or my partner's finger. We’ve tried a dummy but he only takes it about 25% of the time. Are we forming a bad habit?

Hi, I’m not sure whether this will help or not, but my little boy at the same sort of age would do the exact same thing. If he was upset the only thing that would settle would be sucking my finger.

He’s now nearly eight months old and doesn’t do it anymore and has grown out of it. If he’s unsettled we tend to give him a dummy and distract him with toys to play with.

He isn’t a major fan of dummies either and does tend to spit them out quite a lot, but I just found that perseverance with it was a big thing. I have tried soooo many different brands and shapes of dummies and have recently found the Tommy Tippee Ultra Light dummies he’s taken too really well.