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I am a single first-time mother and I have got very little for my little boy who I am currently 23 weeks pregnant with. What are some of the main clothing items to get for the first three months of the babies life? Thank you in advance.

Personally I bought 30 sleepsuits and 30 baby grows first. Also invest in some trousers.

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I wouldn’t worry too much about cute outfits at this stage because they grow out of them so quickly! My little one lived in vests and sleepsuits for the first few months which you can pick up quite cheaply from supermarkets or Matalan/Primark. Also little socks to keep their feet warm and cellular blankets and muslins. It’s really true what they say about them not needing much. Hope this helps.

Hello! I have a one month old and found that baby grows and vests are best! Outfits just look a little uncomfortable at this age (personally) but I’d get a few up to one month clothes as zero to three month clothes come up quite big! Good luck with everything!