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Hello, my baby boy is one and we our having trouble with his sleep.

We have good routine. We have a calming environment at bedtime but I think we've hit a bump in self-soothing department. He takes a while to get to sleep and usually in the arms of me or dad but I'd like to change this with a new one on the way. Also he wakes in the night and either takes approx 45-60 minutes of us being with him to get back to sleep or he's in with us (a habit we always said we wouldn't do and another thing I want to change).

I just want tips. I eel like I'm failing hugely and need a break. Thanks in advance!

Hi! You are not failing, it sounds like you're really attentive and responsive to your little one which is great! I understand you are exhausted. Sleep has never been great with my little boy but there was definitely a bump as you say at around one years old.

The 'habits' you describe are really normal and lots of parents use them. There is nothing wrong with what you're doing (as long as it works for you, which it sounds like maybe it isn't). It sounds like your little boy needs some reassurance at bedtime and the middle of the night, perhaps he has a bit of separation anxiety? We found that spending time together just focused on playing with our son after dinner for 30 odd minutes and doing a bit of rough play helped with that. Also, we did our best to encourage him to fall asleep in his cot when he would tolerate it. Another tip is playing with him in his cot so he gets familiar and comfortable with his sleep environment.

I hope some of that helps. Good luck!

Mum of 1