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Hiya! I’m just wondering any tips and tricks for play ideas or just generally what other mums are doing with their babies when they need to get ready for the day. My little girl is four months now and I am struggling. At the start, I didn’t mind so much that I didn’t get to wash my hair or shower or have a quick hoover round, but thought it would get a bit better but it hasn’t really. And the fact I've managed a shower is really the only thing I have that keeps me going through the day if that’s the only thing I’ve done.

Also my little girl seems to cluster a lot, which means me feeding her what seems like every 30 minutes and even that’s if I’m lucky! The doctors are happy with her weight and say that it’s completely fine but it’s so intense so I don’t have time to do anything. Is anyone else experiencing this and have you found any ways of coping?

She sleeps well in the night but doesn't seem to nap in the day and once she's up at 6am that's it for the day until at least 6pm with a few cat naps thrown in of about 10-20 minutes. Sometimes I’m so tired. I feel awful that I don’t feel I have any energy to play or read to her I am simply just feeding, changing nappies, trying to feed myself, and keeping her somewhat happy and entertained as best I can.

Hi lovely, check out Hey Bear Sensory videos on YouTube. If I need to get something done I pop my son in front of one of those for a while - he loves them!

In the mornings I either get up and dressed before my husband starts work or he has our son in his home office while I shower (my husband works from home).

In terms of feeding, it’s very typical of a four month old to fuss, I’ve seen a couple of Instagram posts about it. So I would try not to worry!

Finally, do you have any family nearby that can help! We’re not meant to do this alone!

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I got one of those inflatable activity toys, which you just put air in. You can then lie her or sit her in it and it should keep her occupied for some time. A little bit of cartoons doesn't hurt too. My little one is happy to watch 20-30 minutess whilst I potter around. Also sometimes babies like white noise so if you really want to do the hoover one day and she's a little sleepy you can put her down for a nap and do the hoover, honestly she won't mind the noise.

If you haven’t done already then YouTube it! Don’t be ashamed of screen time. Works wonders. Put her in her cot and put Little Baby Bums on.

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