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Just wondering if anyone had any experience of wee ones with eczema? I have a poor little six month old covered in the horrible stuff!

We're following doctor's orders and using various steroid creams, scratch mitts, and emoliating three times a day, but I just wondered if anyone had any general life hacks on how to keep on top of it all? (And how to keep sane during the long itchy nights?!) Thanks in advance! X

My little one had really bad eczema for about seven months. She is now 11 months and we now only have occasional flare-ups.

She was diagnosed with multiple food allergies when she started weaning and this really helped us get on top of the eczema. She is breastfed and the peanuts and dairy I consumed was making her flare up.

We also went through a number of emollient creams until we found one that worked for her. We are now using mustela stelatopia range which has been a miracle. Since using it we have less steroid usage.

For itchiness at night we got prescribed antihistamines for her allergies and the pediatric team said we could use it just before she sleeps.

We also dress her in cotton and try avoid synthetic fibres. And we changed our washing powder to one for sensitive skin and without fragrance. We also always do an extra rinse. We only bathe her in water and when we wash her hair try to avoid the shampoo washing down her body. We have not found a shampoo or soap she doesn't react to.

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We mix Boiron calendula ointment (must be ointment) in with her moisturiser (mustela stelatopia balm) and that keeps her skin moist.

For reactions, we found out that she is allergic dairy, eggs and nuts. It is a pain and a half to avoid those, but we do it. I couldn’t bear so see her so miserable.

Exposures still happen - histaminum hydrochloricum (a homeopathic remedy) works really well. If it is a milk/cheese exposure, I also add aethusa cynapium. I’m not sure if you are keen on homeopathic remedies but these are worth trying. They saved me.