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I’m currently only five weeks pregnant and 18. We’ve told close family about the news but my mother-in-law who I adore to pieces, and I see as my own mother, is so excited she keeps accidentally telling people. It sounds horrible but I’m stressing so much that the pregnancy might have complications, and possible not go through, and with telling people so early it would devestate me to not only lose my child, but also tell everyone. I know it’s more common than people think for people to miscarry and it’s getting to me.

Congratulations on your pregnancy. That’s exciting but I’m also hearing that you are still in the early days and want to keep things private for a few more weeks.

It’s frustrating that your mother-in-law isn’t honoring your wishes to keep this quiet. It puts extra stress on you, which isn’t healthy for you.

I’m wondering if you’ve been able to share with her your concerns and how you are feeling. Maybe then she would respect your wishes.

I hope that helps a bit. Let me know how things go.

Jodi, Tinto Expert
Pregnant mum

The only advice I can can give you is to stop worrying about it as this can affect the body in many ways - stressing is not good for you or yout little one. Try and speak to them and tell them how you feel about everything.

Sorry to hear you’re going through this. I really understand your concern as you’re in the early stages of pregnancy. The advice that I would offer is have an honest and open conversation with your mother-in-law about how your feeling and explain why you feel anxious, hopefully she’ll understand as your completely right anything can happen at this stage as it’s very common. Hopefully she’ll keep quiet for now and explain you’ll have plenty of time to celebrate when you’re past this initial stage and when YOU feel comfortable to let others know. Try not to get yourself to worked up and keep calm hopefully everything will run smoothly and you can all celebrate it together.