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Pregnant mum of 1

Expecting baby number two in seven weeks time. My first is two and a half years old.

I'm not sure how my little boy is going to cope/react to having a little baby in the house!

Any advice?

Hi! I've got some recommendations for you:

- Baby wrap! It doesn’t only make it easier to take care of baby number one but in a baby wrap baby number two is also less present for baby number one (compared to sitting on the sofa and holding them all the time).

- Pay more attention to baby number one (if possible). They need ALL the attention now (more than ever) to understand they are still loved. While you’re feeding baby number two you can still talk to baby number one, ask questions, comment on what they are doing, etc.

- Another problem I had: as no one was allowed to visit me in the hospital after birth and I was away for so long, baby number one couldn’t understand it properly and he developed a major fear of abandonment, which made it even harder. It helped that his dad stayed at home for a couple of weeks, too. That meant he didn’t feel too left out when I was with baby number two.

- I don’t know your situation but my other half and I took turns when it came to taking care of baby number two - it was necessary to show baby number one that both him and I are still there for him, not only his dad.

- Last but not least, I made the mistake of saying things like: you’re the big brother now, you’re old enough, you don’t need that dummy anymore... well, he showed me that he was NOT the big brother but he wanted to be the baby! He stole the dummies, insisted on being carried around, crawled into baby number two’s nest, and even cried like a baby. I just let him do it until he realised he didn’t have to do this.

All in all: all this might sound horrible and yes, it was difficult at first. But it might be totally different for you. I just thought you might learn from my experience and do better in the first place. Also, if it really is that difficult - it is going to get better! Our baby number two is now five weeks old and baby number one has adapted really well in the end.

Hope this helps a bit. Good luck for your birth!

Mum of 2