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Pregnant mum

Getting frustrated at partner who thinks boob or nappy is the solution to everything. In a stressful situation (poo and wee flying everywhere during a 3am nappy change) he stands there like a gormo not offering help. When it comes to the baby I feel he’s more of a hindering input. How do I communicate this without sounding like the world’s biggest bitch?!

I know the feeling! You both will find your groove but it can take a little time. I preferred it when my partner did not get up in the night with me, as it made things 10x more difficult.

I found that rather than me and my partner doing most baby duties together, it was less frustrating to give him specific things to do. For example, they do bath time and morning feeds together, whilst I have a cup of tea, catch-up on everything else I missed in the day or nap.

Hope this helps!


I am making my husband read 'week by week' which helps hin understand what's going on with our son, and also activities he can do to soothe him or interact with him. If he is hindering, get him to do a task which doesnt need your help so you can have a cuppa break. Or maybe get him to take charge on some activities like bath time or changing him for the day.