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My nine year old daughter is up and down with her emotions all the time at the moment and is struggling with her body. Is there anything I can do to help her?

I went through the same thing at that age, and a family member of mine is going through the same thing right now!

Now I'm sure there are less expensive ways to deal with this but my family took me out to Primark to let me pick a new outfit or two while they themselves picked up some clothes (Primark because it's cheap and it was just a phase that girls go through which will come and go a lot through the years).

When it was time for me to have a haircut I was allowed to choose what I wanted and during the summer hols I had my hair dyed pink underneath.

This all made a massive change to my attitude towards my body... it allowed me to feel a tad more independent.

My mum also pampered me by straightening my hair, doing my nails etc., just with cheap nail polish.

And after that I just felt comfortable again.

New shampoo and conditioner or even something as small as a few bath bombs. I was self conscious about my body but even a luxury bath helped me! I started to feel grown up and with that comes confidence with everything, including the way you look.