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If had stitches after birth, how long until the bleeding stopped? Even if it was still a tiny bit of blood in the day. I gave birth three weeks ago and there is still slight blood, more than usual every now and then. Is this normal?

Do you mean bleeding from the stitches or bleeding from the vagina?

Vaginal is absolutely normal. And can last six weeks. But if you're concerned you should ring the hospital or doctor. They should have given you a number to phone. And they'll check you over.

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Congratulations! Hope you and baby are doing good and enjoying time together.

I had stitches second degree, those hurt. It can bleed for a while, because we're constantly putting pressure on it while sitting, but this is not a bad thing (apart from the pain) and means we can keep the skin clean to help it close without any problems. But I know it hurts. I bled tiny amounts for over two months, but had no infections or deformation so it was alright in the end.

Are your stitches painful too? I would try and brave it and have a look down there if you feel up to it. See if there is any inflammation or anything going on.

If you're worried, I would 100% contact your midwife or GP so they can check them for you. Even if it gives you peace of mind that all is ok.

I used to have baths with tea tree and lavender oil in to promote healing.