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Advice please! My little boy is nearly 10 weeks old. He is so alert and into everything already... which will be great as he gets older but not right now when I'm trying to settle him for a nap!

He gets overtired and overstimulated so easy! I've noticed he can't stay awake longer than an hour to an hour and a half without needing another nap but he fights his sleep so bad and doesn't settle easy at all!! Also, he will only nap on me at the moment! Is this just a phase?

Any recommendations? Thanks!

I unfortunately can’t give you any advice about settling (nothing more than you probably already have tried, e.g. go into a calm state and room and maybe feed until he relaxes).

However a super trick that always worked for me in terms of sleeping in beds. My baby hated sleeping in his bed and always woke up when I put him down... but I gradually got him into his bed!

Start with a nest next to you like in the sofa or next to you in the bed. Heat up a water bottle to make the nest warm and cosy (make sure it’s not too hot). Then after a couple days, move the nest into the bed and hopefully he’ll associate the nest/bed as sleeping!

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