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I took my nine week old out for a walk today straight after his bottle. He napped for a while when we were out but not for massively long. We got home in time for his next feed but he didn't take much as he was tired. Then began a circle of being tired but hungry, then overtired.

How do you manage going out without baby getting overtired? I haven't been out much and after this it's made me reluctant.

Any tips? Feel like a rubbish mum today.

It can feel hard to change routine especially after the pandemic. But for your sanity and for the development of your baby you must still try to go out as eventually it will do you both good.

I have a three week old boy. We started taking him out and it made him go a bit grumpy and all over the place too. Problem is it’s hard to know what actually upsets or disrupts babies as everything is so new every day.

All I can suggest (as I have only had three weeks experience !) is to just keep trying to soothe them and then eventually they will find their rhythm again.

Don’t feel rubbish! We are doing the most impossible job on earth and just by caring you are already an amazing mum. Keep going, you are doing great!