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Any tips or hacks for teething?

My little girl started teething at two months. We gave her teething toys, bonjela teething gel, and Calpol if it’s really playing up but now she’s coming up to six months it’s getting worse. She’s struggling to sleep at night, constantly grumpy and crying.

It sounds very uncomfortable.. teething pain is so not nice for our babies!

A couple of things you could try is making ice lollies with your milk. I bought a little tray with handles called Fruitsicle Moulds from Amazon. My baby is seven months old and she finds this so soothing.

The other thing is teething granules from Boots. You rub them on the gums every two hours.

Then keep her entertained and distracted, and give her lots of cuddles. It will pass! My baby just had her first tooth and now we are onto the next!

Best of luck, hope it helps.