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How can I settle a very grumpy, upset, overtired baby? My little boy gets overtired very quickly as he's just into everything. He is then very hard to settle. Any advice?

This is a tough one with little ones, mine is seven months old and I am just getting the hang of it. My biggest tips are:

- Watch out for and time his wake windows, e.g. if he can only go for one and a half or two hours before getting super tired then start settling him 30 minutes before this. Don't wait until he is so upset.

- Take him to his room or a quiet room, dim or switch off lights, start talking lowly or humming and giving him a cuddle (whatever is low stimulation). I also put on white noise on YouTube to allow my baby to start relaxing. It can be 15 minutes of complaining, but after that she is calmer and ready to settle for a nap. I also breastfeed her and give her lots of cuddles and kisses to soothe her. This seems to work!

- If I only react to her when she is very tired, it seems impossible to settle her, it's frustrating and takes so much longer. At this point I feed her and then ask my husband to cradle her with a dummy.

The biggest improvement is when I initiate the wind down routine.

Oh and one extra little thing I do sometimes is to freshen up her face. I go to the sink with her and wash her face and hands. This also allows us to break up the irritated feelings and feel refreshed.

Hope it helps a bit!