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I recently split with my baby's dad. It was a mutual decision and I thought it was what I wanted... but ever since he left I feel extremely lonely. I have no one to talk to, it feels like none of my friends or family understand.

They're making me feel guilty for splitting up my baby's family even though we have both agreed we’re still going to work together as a family, so take her on days out with all three of us, and make sure she knows we can communicate well.

I just feel like no one wants to listen to me or even try to understand. Any advice on how to tackle this loneliness? It’s making me not want to eat or do anything other than sit there and cry. I’m trying to be strong for her, it just hurts.

Firstly, if you weren't happy together, it's the right thing to do as a couple.

Don't let people make you feel guilty, it's better for your baby in the long run and if your family and friends had your best interests at heart, they wouldn't be making you feel like that whatsoever.

Are there any mum and baby groups you can get out and go to?

Maybe plan one outing a day or whatever suits you best, so you have a bit of structure in your day and escape the four walls as it were.

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I am going through the same with my partner. Our baby girl is five weeks old and we are not coping well with a newborn. We both love each other very much but have spoken about splitting up.

My advice to you would be to reach out to him and speak with him about how you feel - see if after this time apart you might be able to reconcile your relationship and try again. If not then find some local support groups and get your strength from meeting new people who can relate and support you. I wish you every best wish.

I am feeling totally alone and isolated and we still live together. Babies are hard and the emotions that you go through are even harder. Get support!!!

I’m sorry you’re feeling lonely but it sounds like you’ve thought through your decision and still have a good relationship with your baby's dad which is great. I get that people won’t understand your decision and I think often people will stay with a partner for the sake of a child even if it’s not right for them, so it’s very brave of you to have done what you’ve done.

I think it’s natural to feel lonely when you’re used to being in a relationship and especially with a new baby, but if you’re concerned it’s affecting your mental health then you could speak to your health visitor or GP for some support.

Have you signed up to any baby classes? Baby Sensory or Baby Massage are quite popular where I live so you could sign up to a class to meet some mum friends.