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First time packing for a short weekend trip with my seven month old. Need advice on must haves! I know I am missing something and I can’t seem to work it out. Mums, please help!

I would suggest travel cot (including travel mattress), blackout blinds, self-sterilising bottles such as MAM or microwave sterilising bags, your usual nappy bag, a few buggy, a few outfits in case of accidents, and weaning things such as bibs, food pouches, snacks.


Oh sounds fun! I would be inclined to pack the whole house! But as a rule I just categorise so as to not overpack. These could help:

For bum:

- Enough nappies

- The stuff that goes with: cream, wipes, bin bag, nappy changing mat

For tummy:

- Food

- Milk

- Stuff that goes with: bowl, spoons, bottles, milk powder, steriliser, thermos, washing sponge, enough bibs, wipes

For body:

- Clothes for day and night plus spares

- A hat for the sun!

- Sun cream

- Body wash

- Towels

- Muslins

- Blankets

For entertainment:

- Toys, including teething toys, books and any favourites

- Dummy, if you use one

- Teething gel/granules

For carrying baby and sleeping items:

- Sling/carrier

- Pram (with plastic cover in case it rains)

- Travel cot

- Blanket

For you, if applicable :

- Breast pads

- Nipple cream

- Breast pump

- Bottles for milk storage

- Water bottle

For safety:

- Car Seat

- Monitor and charger

- Thermometer

- Calpol (just in case)

OK hope that helps... also if you forget anything, don't worry! You will always find a way to make things work!

I understand it can be a lot to pack so remember there are also shops if you need anything your forgot!

Have an amazing weekend!