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Should you ever wake a baby from a nap or should you let them sleep as long as they want?

My little boy is 11 weeks old. I just want to make sure I'm not letting him sleep too much in the day if this will be to the detriment of his sleep at night.

At your little one's age I would suggest you cap the length of each of his naps during the day at two hours maximum. Otherwise, you might find you get an imbalance of day versus night sleep, which could lead to him waking up for long periods during the night.

He still doesn't have a fully developed body clock so stabilising his naps by the clock is not biologically possible, but I would suggest working with awake windows as you are doing and then capping the naps so as you say he does not sleep so much during the day it then interferes with his nights.

Emma, Tinto Expert