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Pregnant mum

My baby was born small - 4lb 7oz and on the 0.4th centile. She is gaining weight but slowly but is only 6lb at eight weeks old and now below the 0.4th centile. I’m considering giving up breastfeeding and moving to formula to help her gain weight (we are currently topping her up with formula). Does anyone have any experience with very small babies and helping them to gain weight?

My baby was born early and was very small (not as small as your baby). When we took him home he lost more than 10% weight and I was worried I didn’t know how much he was feeding because I was breastfeeding.

They advised me to express and feed him by the bottle for at least one feed a day so I knew how much he had. It did the trick and gave me confidence and he soon started putting on weight.

Now he is a chunky boy that loves his milk and still breastfeeding after four months. Also they say when you give formula you need to give more because there aren't as many nutrients as there are in breast milk, so try and stick to breast milk as much as you can. I hope this helps, good luck.