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Mum of 1

It's been confirmed by a doctor that my two month old baby is teething. Is there anything I can give him to help him with the pain?

I hope you and your baby are doing well!

Mine started teething at around two months as well! Here are a few things that helped us, it may give you some ideas:

- Two month olds cannot bite things yet, so your cold finger or wet muslin cloth can help to massage the sore gum.

- It may take ages for the teeth to actually cut through, mine was just showing the white lumps under the gum for months!

- At around three months baby may be able to start making use of teething toys. The long ones like a finger are better because their mouths are too small and that may help control the tongue (very useful so that when baby is six months old and starting with solids they spit out less food).

- Room temperature milk if bottle (formula or expressed milk).

- They may be able to take milk lollies after three months.

- Cold pacifier, some has little holes to put food inside but you can put milk in instead.