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I have very severe morning sickness. I try everything: peppermint, I ordered particular tablets with Vitamin B6, I drink ginger tea, I stopped coffee, and I eat plain food (very small portions throughout the day). Anything else you tried that helped?

I tried everything including the little anti-sickness bracelet too! In the end the only thing that helped me in reducing it - not taking it all away sadly - was the liquid vitamin B6 a few times a day! And eating first thing when getting up in the morning - plain toast helped! But I had to ride it out and the sickness eventually went away completely around week 12-13! I hope you start feeling better very soon. I know how awful it feels!

Mum of 3

Ginger biscuits and cream crackers really helped me. Have them by your bedside so that as soon as you open your eyes you have a few bites. Then lie down for a bit before getting out of bed, if you rush it you will throw it all up again.