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Pregnant mum

What should I pack in my hospital bag and when should I have it done by? I'm nearly 32 weeks.

Hi there! I packed my hospital bag at 35 weeks for my first but had most of my bag contents all together in a pile.

I’d recommend nighties instead of PJs as the midwives can check on you and it’s much easier for trips to the loo too. If you’re not sure how you’re going to feed I’d definitely suggest bringing some pre-packed formula bottles. Lip balm is essential after birth as the gas and air as well as all the deep breathing during birth makes lips very dry. Favourite snacks and hand cream is always a treat too. Lots of maternity pads. High waisted knickers and a peri bottle. For baby pack three vests, baby grows, four muslins and some little hats. Also not forgetting nappies and water wipes. Hope you have a wonderful birth!

Mum of 2

For baby:

- Four or five vests and sleepsuits (pack these in a sandwich bag together so you don’t have to root around)

- 'Coming home’ outfit if wanted

- Muslin in case of sicky baby

- Baby hat/mittens

- Blanket

- Nappies/wipes

For you:

- Two nighties or sets of pyjamas

- Slippers

- Big knickers

- Maternity pads

- Socks

- Two nursing bras

- Comfy outfit to go home in

- Body wash

- Snacks

- Phone charger

I overpacked with my first but with my second I tried not to. I still ended up with too much as we were in and out the hospital within 12 hours! I had mine packed around 33-35 weeks with my first but she didn’t make an appearance until 41+1. With my second I literally packed at 37+1 and ended up going into labour that night! I’d say the earlier the better haha!

It’s better to pack more than needed just in case you have to stay in longer than expected.

I packed three vests, three baby grows, three pairs of mitts, three hats, and a few bibs/muslins. Depending on where you are and what the weather is like you might like to pack a little coat too, two blankets and any other accessories you want for baby.

One pack of nappies, bottles if you plan to bottle feed, nipple guards, creams and pump if you plan to breastfeed.

For you I’d pack your basic toiletries (shower gel, deodorant, shampoo, conditioner, toothbrush and toothpaste, hair brush and bobbles). Lip balm is a lifesaver during labour and delivery as well as a nice cooling spray and/or mini handheld fan. Five pairs of underwear and pads. Clothes to give birth in, clothes for after birth and for going home. Pack a spare pair of clothing just in case, anything baggy or comfy will be perfect! I had my bags packed by 36 weeks.