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Has anyone found that since being pregnant you and your partner keep arguing?

Congratulations on being a mom to be!

Don’t want to sound cliché… BUT. You are full of hormones, you become very emotional even if you don’t feel this big difference personally. But all that is ok and it is absolutely normal. Your mind will switch to become more protective. Anything that could cause harm to your little one will make you feel uncomfortable and very anxious. Mess around the house will make you upset because it’s a hazard for the baby. It’s pretty amazing how our body and mind prepares to be a mom before the baby is here.

There will be changes happening in your partner too. It’s the stress or even just a different point of view that he has, whilst your hormones and emotions will all build up, and an argument will happen. It’s extremely important to set your rules and make sure you communicate as much as possible so you don’t hold anything in. Make sure you talk about your feelings, and address your concerns to avoid building it up.

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