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For a long time I've been trying so hard to breastfeed my baby and I'm doing it even now but it's hard. It's really difficult for me to feed her outside and if she is not relaxed and in her bed she doesn't feed properly. Sometimes we go out for walks and then she feeds but stays on the breast just for two seconds. She's been like this since two months but now it's getting really exhausting. I want to move her onto the bottle and she doesn't like it.

Any advice how to teach her?

I would buy a nipple shield and try feeding her on your breast with one of those. Then she will get used to the bottle nipples when you transfer to a bottle.

Also try different positions for breastfeeding. My daughter didn’t latch right for the first three week because I didn’t have her head in the right position and had to move her more round my body to get a better latch.