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Should I put my three week old to bed downstairs with us after his evening bath or upstairs in his next-to-me with a monitor?

Congrats on your little one! How are you finding things?

So that is a great question and everyone does things slightly differently so I guess it is important to do what you’re comfortable with.

Do you have a preference for which one you’d like to do? And which would you be most at ease with or would fit with you best?

Either is fine and there are pros and cons with both so it would be good to explore your thought process behind it. I tried both with my kiddos when they were little so happy to talk you through my experiences!

Hope this helps a little and congrats again!

Pregnant mum of 2

Hey, I keep my five week old downstairs at night just because at this age they don't really settle into a routine and I find she sleeps better if I'm around (she's breastfed and clingy).

I did ask my midwife if it was ok to leave her in her cot at night, she said there is no cause for concern leaving her as long as there is a monitor. It's mainly what you feel comfortable with. There is no harm in having your baby downstairs with you after his bath or upstairs. They won't settle into a proper routine yet so don't feel like you have to try and stick to one. Do what is best for you and your little one, you know best!