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Hi everyone! First time mum here, 22 weeks along and starting to feel kicks. I know we’re meant to start monitoring foetal movement now, and I’m wondering how far to take it. It's tricky to keep a tally of kicks when you’re also out and about/working. Are there any good tips and tricks for this, which are easy to keep up with? Thank you so much for your help.

I recently had my first daughter, she's now three weeks old. I remember when I went through this though. The best way I can explain it is just to look out for patterns.

For example, my baby would be very wiggly in the morning after breakfast then I'd only have little flutters until late in the afternoon and then again she would wiggle happily away as I tried to sleep.

A few times I would notice she wouldn't move or kick at all that morning, so I was called in to check for reduced movements but everything was fine. You will learn your little one's pattern so just pay attention to that. If you're ever worried though just ring your maternity ward or midwife and they will advise you. I hope that helps.


Hiya, first time mum here too, currently 26 weeks.

I started feeling things around 20 weeks but, like you said, it was hard to track. There were days when I wouldn't feel the baby move or maybe like some very weak kick. So I went to my midwife and she told me that the baby is actually very small at 20-24 weeks so we can't actually feel everything, as baby can be anywhere, e.g. behind the placenta or kicking upwards, which I wouldn't be able to feel now. So you have to wait until 26 weeks at least to feel and check movement on a regular basis, and if not then you should contact the midwife.

For me I have to sit or lie down on my left side quietly to feel the baby move. You can also have some cold sugary drink before and that helps to get the baby move.

I would also say do talk to your midwife in your next appointment about it. She will give you a thorough explanation. So, right now before 26 weeks I wouldn't worry much. But then again always follow your instinct and ask for help if you think you need.

Hope that helps. Have a safe pregnancy fellow FTM!