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How to help babies sleep in this heat? My baby is 11 weeks and screaming because they’re too hot. They’re in a nappy and the fan is on but nothing is settling her.

Hello, hope you're doing well. It is much harder to raise babies during summer right?!

A few things I do that helps and might give you some ideas:

1. Lukewarm bath before sleep

2. Avoid the fan inside the bedroom as the motor can heat up the room and the fun will be just circulating warm air

3. Fan at the door with a bucket of cold water facing the room can help fresh up

4. Depending where the room is facing, it can be really helpful open the window, close the blind and open the door for a while before getting into the room

5. If baby is taking bottle, try room temperature milk

Hope the heat goes away soon, our babies deserve some fresh weather!