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Mum of 1

Our 13 week old has been fighting a swaddle this last week. We tried a sleeping bag (but he didn’t like it as he still has the startle reflex) so decided to adjust to one arm out and transition that way, but he thrashes about and only seems to get a few hours of sleep.

We have also started putting him in the next to me as he has really quickly outgrown his Moses basket.

Anything we can do without spending more money on swaddle sleeping bags?

This faze is so tricky but honestly it won’t last too long!

I know you said you don’t want to spend more money on swaddle sleeping bags, but there is a fantastic Facebook page called ‘preloved to reloved for postage’. You could post on there explaining you are looking for a swaddle bag and people are so incredible helpful so you would likely get a bag for about £3.