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Hi! So I’m not sure at all how to feed my child when they’re first born. I’m not sure whether or not to breastfeed them or bottle feed. If I do breastfeed, then when and how do I start bottle feeding?

I'd say if you're not sure then definitely try and breastfeed. And if you don't like it, then bottle feed.

I breastfed for seven months and I found it so much more convenient than bottle feeding. You don't need to buy bottles or formula, and you dont need to sterilise bottles, and when your baby is hungry then bam, your boob is there. Bottle feeding can take a while to prepare and when a baby is crying those minutes can feel very long and anxiety inducing. But the downside of breastfeeding is you need to always be around unless you decide to pump, but that's also another faff and you need to sterilise lots of things.

They say that breastfeeding is best, but in my opinion a fed baby is best so try breast first and if it doesn't feel right go to formula. I should warn that breastfeeding takes about six weeks to get into the swing of. It doesn't work out automatically and it takes practice from both mum and baby. I hope that answers your question.

Pregnant mum of 1