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What do people do when bottle feeding and going out for day please? Thanks!

Hi, I usually take boiled water in a thermos and pack sterilised bottles and formula in a backpack.

You can get little formula measurement tubs, so you can measure out the formula into those and not have to carry the entire formula box.

Mum of 1
Mum of 1

If I’m going somewhere I know will have hot water available, I take 5oz of already cooled boiled water or the cold from the prep machine and will boil 2-3oz while I’m out. Then I just take a small container of milk so it’s always the perfect temperature for her.

Or I’ll just make a bottle up and take it with me if I won’t be too long because she doesn’t like it cold. You could also take a small flask for your hot water if you won’t have access to a kettle.