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I am currently breastfeeding my three week old baby and there are times when she gets fussy or irritated whilst breastfeeding as she throws her arms and legs around then starts to pull on my nipple and grunts... is there a reason why she does this? And what can I do about it as my nipples really hurt?

There's a chance she’s not hungry anymore and she’s tired. Try to change the boob, or position of the baby, or just simply put her in her cot and see if she naps. I always try to see if the other boob helps first. If not, I put my daughter in her bed and she chats away and eventually falls asleep.

It could be early signs of irritation followed by teething.

Last thing that comes to my mind is check if there are any rash signs in her mouth.

But I wouldn't worry as long as she does eat, she has regular wet nappies, and she gains weight properly.

Check a Instagram page called Milkmakingmama and you can DM the lady that is the admin. She’s a specialist when it comes to any concerns regarding breastfeeding. That website really helped me through these seven months of breastfeeding and I’m still going! Hope this helps!

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