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My little boy turns four months old tomorrow. He’s a hungry boy and drinks 8oz every four hours except for at night he sleeps eight hours, so has 40oz altogether in one day. I know the guidelines for weaning are now six months and ideally I’d love to wait to wean him, but I know realistically we’re not going to make it to six months as he is just so hungry. Has anyone had any experience weaning at six months? Was it okay or is it worth trying to get as close to six months as possible?

Hi, as you mentioned, NHS guidelines state that you have to wait until your baby is six months old for their gut to mature. This is the clinical guidance and so I won't advise you otherwise.

However, I can tell you about our journey. We started weaning our little one at five months. He's a big child. He's nine months and in 18-24 month clothes. He had been showing signs of being ready for food from four months old.

The signs are:

1. Stay in a sitting position, holding their head steady

2. Coordinate their eyes, hands and mouth so they can look at their food, pick it up and put it in their mouth

3. Swallow food (rather than spit it back out)

We took a weaning course at our local baby group (but there's so much information online especially on the Start 4 Life website too). We started with purées and overboiled vegetables that he could hold to feed himself. He absolutely loved it and now eats whatever we are eating (obvs no added salt and a varied healthy diet, etc). It's scary to begin with as they can cough while they get used to different textures but you soon get used to it. Make sure you research baby first aid for choking advice and when you move onto more solid food you take a look at the NHS pages for advice on cutting food to reduce choking hazards.

Whatever you decide, good luck!