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How long will it take to be able to pick up my hobbies again after having a baby?

My little girl is nine weeks old and I still struggle to get back to doing 'me' things. She naps for 30-60 minutes through the day, and I feel like it's getting harder the older she gets as she needs stimulating. But I never felt like doing anything when she was newborn when she slept so much because I was recovering. When she goes down for her evening nap, I might treat myself to a small glass of wine and Facetime a friend just to keep me grounded for now whilst we figure it out.

Mum of 1

Very soon or never! It will rely on many things, including:

1. Support network of relatives, nanny, nursery, childminder... whatever works best for your circumstances

2. Your expectations. It is good to keep in mind that it will be the most challenging time of your life but things will get easier and more manageable! So basically cut the fairy tale that revolves around motherhood and you'll be on the right path.

For me, with those things in place you can have realistic expectations about when you'll be able to have some of me time for yourself.

It took me few months to start doing stuff properly because it took me a long time to heal as well. If you have good support then you can start doing stuff more quickly, and depending on how fast you heal. But it should be fine, don’t stress!

Pregnant mum