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Is being sick a good sign that baby is doing okay? I'm 17 weeks and a lot of foods are making me sick and I'm starting to get a bit concerned.

Congratulations, such an awesome news! Hope you're doing good despite the nausea?

There's no link between mama being sick and baby health. In fact, what makes us sick during pregnancy are the hormones changes. Be assured that is quite normal, I had morning sickness during the whole pregnancy and felt dizziness as well and baby was doing great from start to finish. These little ones are doing better than us haha!

Let me know if you have any other questions. Big hug!

Mum of 1

Being pregnant can make you feel sick even after a simple thing such as drinking water. As long as you are able to eat and keep yourself hydrated then that’s normal. If you can't eat anything, and even water causes sickness too, and you feel weak or don’t have energy, and can't sleep then seek for medical help. Otherwise just make sure you drink, eat plenty of juicy fruits, and if you feel sick try ginger biscuits or watermelon.