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Heya, my two month old is a bit of a pickle at night. She'll only fall asleep if she's on me and I've been trying to put her down when I notice that she's drowsy, but straight away, she'll be wide eyed and suddenly very awake. She doesn't cry (so can't do the 'cry it out') but she will make little babbling sounds. I've left her before for 45 minutes to see if she would fall asleep but didn't happen. Should I just carry on and hope she will eventually fall asleep?

Hi. Thank you for your message.

It might be reassuring to one that babies of your little one's age have very sensitive nervous systems and require sensory proximity to their parents in order to feel safe and to be able to switch off and fall asleep. They also have a sensor in their brain which detects the moment they move away from their parents body.

My suggestion would be to support her to sleep in your arms and then once she is asleep (potentially when she is in deep/quiet sleep which she should transition into about 15 minutes after falling asleep) you can then transfer her into her cot.

Babies of her age also only have one sleep drive or 'sleep pressure' and the mini doze you often witness in your arms before you put her down might be just enough to take the edge off but is why once you put her down she is then fully awake again and you then need to wait for more sleep pressure to build before you can try again. Hence the 45 mins of babbling.

I hope this helps to begin with.

Emma, Tinto Expert